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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sell your landscape materials?

We sell our landscape materials in different ways.  Some materials are sold in bags, other bulk materials are sold by the cubic yard, and our rocks are sold by the pound or ton depending on how much you need.

Do you deliver materials?

Yes!  We can deliver all our landscape materials right to your home or job site.  Stop by our store, or call for pricing and to schedule your delivery.

What is a cubic yard and how much does it cover?

A cubic yard is a 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet cube.  A cubic yard covers approximately 100 square feet 3 inches deep.  You can also use our materials calculator on the side of this page to see how much you need!

How many pounds are in a ton?

2,000 pounds

How do you load my landscape materials?

Leave the heavy lifting to us, we will load the landscape materials for you!  We can put bagged products in the bed of your truck or trunk of you car.  We load our bulk materials with a skid steer loader and we can dump them in your truck bed or trailer.  Individual rocks can be loaded  in your car or truck and pallets of rock can be loaded in the bed of your truck or trailer.

Do you work on all lawn equipment?

Yes!  We service all major brands of lawn mowers, trimmers, chain saws, and blowers. 

When is the best time to drop off my equipment for repair?

Now!  We work on a first come, first service basis so the sooner you come in the better.

Why are you closed on Sundays?

We value a day off for our employees to spend with family and friends, rest, and worship if they chose to.  We believe this creates a happier place for employees to work which makes it a happier place for customers to shop.